About Us

The Small Business Owner Advice website was set up by Jon and Marc in 2022. We are both small business owners like you, with Jon having a background in finance, with Marc’s in digital marketing. After a chance conversation about a particular issue we were both having in our own businesses, we decided that others must have these challenges too.

From that chat, we decided to set up a blog explaining how we resolved the matter, and the website snow-balled from there.

It’s not just us who post advice and what we learn about small business, but also other people who run businesses and have had to overcome particular hurdles.

Jon Jenkins

Jon has been in business since 1999, and in that time worked with more than 300 small business clients. You can read his experience on LinkedIn.

As well as being an accountant, he is also an early adopter of tech, and has helped small businesses to leverage the power of their computer systems by creating software to automate and simplify accounting tasks.

As well as being the brains behind the advice you find on the Small Business Owner Advice website, Jon is also the CEO and founder of Hindsight. It’s an app that lets accountancy firms manage their client base with confidence that potential risks are automatically flagged, captured, and actioned in time. 

Marc H

Marc has been building websites since the late 1990s and has over twenty years of experience in digital marketing including working as online marketing manager for a large global tech company. In recent years he has run his own small business, offering digital marketing services to other small business.

He is responsible for maintaining and updating the website, as well as offering his own opinions on the blog about life, challenges, and day to day experiences of a small business owner.